Skin Conditions

Skin condition


There are 4 main skin conditions: Acne, Aging, Hyper Pigmentation and Sensitive skin.  But in the world of skincare, there are really 22 different skin conditions.

Here is a list of the 22 skin conditions:

  1.  Adult Acne

Acne breakouts due to hormonal changes or other factors such as diet, stress management and routine.

2.  Asphyxiated

Smokers have asphyxiated skin from lack of oxygen.  Characterized by clogged pores and wrinkles: dull and lifeless-looking.  Can be yellowish or grey in colour.

3.  Comedones

Open comedones are blackheads and clogged pores caused by a buildup of debris, oil and dead skin cells stuck in the pores.  Closed comedones are not open to the air or oxygen.  They are trapped by dead skin cells and need to be exfoliated and extracted.  Also called whiteheads if hardened.

4.  Couperose Skin

Redness; distended capillaries from weakening of the capillary wall; internal or external causes

5.  Cyst

Fluid, infection, or other matter under the skin.

6.  Dehydration

Lack of water (also caused by the environment ie. heat, winter, medications, topical agents, aging or dehydrating drinks such as caffeine and alcohol)

7.  Enlarged Pores

Larger pores due to excess oil and debris trapped in the follicles or expansion due to elasticity loss or trauma

8.  Erythema

Redness caused by inflammation

9.  Hyper Keratinization

An excessive buildup of dead skin cells/keratinized cells

10.  Hyper Pigmentation

Brown or dark pigmentation; discolouration from melanin production due to sun, other factors or irritation

11.  Hypo Pigmentation

White, colourless areas from lack of melanin production

12.  Irritation

Usually redness or inflammation; from a variety of causes

13.  Keratosis

A buildup of cells; a rough texture

14.  Milia

Hardened whiteheads.  Oil and dead skin cells trapped beneath the surface of the skin. These are not exposed to oxygen and have to be lanced to open and remove them.

15.  Papules

Raised lesions; also called blemishes

16.  Poor Elasticity

Sagging.  Loose skin from damage, the sun, and aging

17.  Pustules

An infected papule with fluid inside

18.  Rosacea

A vascular disorder. Chronic redness. Papules and pustules may be present

19.  Sensitivity

Reactions from external and/or internal causes

20.  Solar Comedones

Large blackheads, usually around the eyes, due to sun exposure

21.  Sun Damage

UV damage to the epidermis and dermis; primary effects are wrinkles, collagen, and elastin breakdown, pigmentation, and cancer

22.  Wrinkles/Aging

Lines and damage from internal or external causes.  Also expression lines

The best way to treat the skin of its condition is to have a regular skincare regime with a daily, weekly and monthly routine.

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