About My Facials

A Deep Cleanse Facial is one that every skin type and condition will benefit from.  It removes dirt, dead cells and impurities as well as help to reinvigorate the skin.  It is great for men and women of all ages from 13-99.  It will keep your skin youthful, hydrated, firm, strong and less prone to breakouts and impurities.  The four main skin conditions I treat are: Acne, Aging, Hyper Pigmentation and Sensitivity.  All four will be cleansed, exfoliated, steamed and extracted but treated differently to be healed of it’s condition.  

Before I begin my facials I normally have my clients relax because when you’re relaxed you, get better results.  With the use of Essential Oils in my hand, I have the client take 5 deep breaths, slowly in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth.  As you do this, keep your mind focused on the present moment and if it wanders, bring it back to your breathing.  This helps to clear your mind of any clutter and allow yourself to be fully relaxed for an hour and to enjoy the facial.

After the deep breathing exercise, I gently place a hot towel on the skin to help you further relax.  It gives your skin instant moisture and comfort and also helps to relieve the stress from the day.  Placed on the face, neck and chest the hot towel relaxes pores, promotes better circulation, makes the skin softer so that products penetrate easily and eases tiredness from the body.  Essential Oils are soaked in the towel beforehand which allows for not just physical relaxation but also mental relaxation.

With the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and condition, the cleanser will help to lift off any debris, oil, dirt and bacteria that causes impurities on the skin.  

The next step is the exfoliation process.  With the use of either a scrub or an enzyme (which is used here) this helps to remove any dead cells on the skin to reveal more of a fresh healthy appearance to the skin.  This also allows for better absorption of products into the skin which makes them more effective.

In a deep cleanse facial, steam is key.  For problem-prone skin, the biggest benefit is that it will end up clearer.  The moisture softens the surface of dead skin cells and helps to free any dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that causes breakouts.  It will disinfect the skin and allow for impurities like, blackheads and comedones to be released easier by extractions.

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