Understanding Blemishes

Nadia Lam

Understanding Blemishes

With most of us, whenever we get a blemish, we want it gone IMMEDIATELY.  We tend to run to whatever we think is a quick fix to have this blemish gone as quickly as possible.   However, once we are able to understand how the skin works, we can work with it to see healing happen faster.  

Our skin works as an excretory system and this is the skin’s natural way of healing itself.  This is the most important thing to understand to help a blemish go away fast. Without acknowledging how the skin heals you won’t be able to work in sync with your blemishes.  

Blemishes, like pustules or papules, have an infection within the pore which is why they are red and painful.  The natural process is for the infection (pus from dead white blood cells) to come up and out through the skin’s surface.  As a professional, I always advise my clients to wait until this process is ready to happen and the white head of the pimple has risen to the surface.  It is much easier to remove this way and creates less aggravation which means less scarring.

With our attempt to have the blemish gone quickly, we tend to react too fast and then slow down the healing process of the skin.  Trying to pop and poke at the skin and applying a spot treatment too prematurely can actually trap the infection inside the pore when it naturally wants to come out of the skin.  Which in turn, leads to a slow healing process and the infection staying in the skin too long. The longer the infection stays in the skin the more of a red, dark discoloured scar you will have.  

Understanding Blemishes

The best solution is to leave it alone the moment it appears and this will help it to go away fast.  Allow the skin to naturally heal itself by having the infection rise to the surface on its own. Depending on how good the skin functions, this process could take anywhere from 1-3 days.  Once it rises to the surfaces, with clean hands, wrap both index fingers in tissue and give the pimple a quick squeeze to make it pop through the pore. Once this happens, squeeze all the fluid out until it runs clear and then apply a spot treatment to help kill the bacteria in the skin.  Apply the spot treatment for 1-2 nights until the blemish has scabbed over.

Please do not pick the skin to try get rid of the scab faster.  You will create unnecessary scarring. Just allow the scab to fall off on its own because when it does, you’ll see that there is minimal scarring and before you know it, you’ll forget that there was even a blemish in that spot.  

One other thing to remember is that sometimes people will get a blocked pore for a number of reasons.  If there is no redness or pain associated with it then there is no infection in the pore.  Certain techniques will not work in a case like this.  The best course of action for removing blocked pores is through manual extractions and chemical or mechanical exfoliation. Receiving regular deep cleanse facials and chemical peel treatments will help to keep the skin clean and free from bacteria.

To get expert advice on how to develop a skincare routine that suits your individual needs book an appointment with me for a consultation or a facial treatment to take your skin to the next level. 

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