It’s Never Too Early To Get Your adolescent Started On A Skincare Regimen

Nadia Lam

There are a plethora of reasons why it’s never too early to get your teen started on a healthy skincare regimen.  I’m pretty sure that all of us have some form of skincare regret that started with the line, “ I wish I had known”, or “I wish someone had told me”. These same grievances  do not have to be repeated by our children. We live in a time where now more than ever, information is easily accessible and products, even more so . But aside from avoiding possible regrets, there are some very good reasons why a skincare regimen should be implemented for your adolescent now rather than later.

  1. Prevention:  You know what is the best wrinkle? The one that you never get!.  By starting your teenager on a skincare regimen early, you can prevent skin issues before they become a real problem. Not taking care of your skin can lead to premature aging, sun damage, acne,  acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. It is best to get your teen started on products that are formulated specifically for young skin and ones that are formulated without harsh ingredients that are intended for more mature skin.

  1. Treatment: What you do not prevent today, you will surely have to treat tomorrow.  This especially rings true when it comes to adolescent skin. Now that your teen has developed a skincare concern, it is time to combat it with a treatment plan. The course of  treatment that you choose really depends on the skin concern that your teen is facing, for instance, if your teen’s concern is acne, choose products that are specifically formulated for acne prone skin. Remember to be selective with your  ingredients so that in treating one skin care issue, you do not gain another. A lot of ingredients are over-drying to the skin or are harsh and may cause negative reactions. Be picky!

  1. Develop Healthy Skincare Habits: The key to a healthy skincare regimen,  is keeping it!

Healthy habit should be developed while young, and what better  healthy habit is there than to take care of your largest organ, your skin! Creating an emphasis on healthy skincare for your adolescent is imperative in order for them to maintain  clear ,healthy and glowing skin.They will develop a sense of pride in their appearance and will also be aware that they play a very important role in their appearance. Developing a habit of healthy skincare is one that will have a long lasting impact and they will carry out these practices throughout every stage of their lives.

So rather than live with skincare regrets, it is far better to have skincare successes! Take the time out to educate your teen on  healthy skin care practices, or if you are unsure on what kind of regimen your child should get started on, allow your teen to get professional advice regarding their skincare from a registered aesthetician.

Written by: Amanda-Michelle Griffiths

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