Benefits & What to Expect After a Microneedling Treatment

Nadia Lam


Microneedling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy {CIT}) induces collagen production and strengthens the epidermis.  A wand-like pen that contains very fine needles is used.  When passed over the skin, the needles create controlled micro “injuries” in the skin to trigger new collagen synthesis.  Each micro “injury” creates a channel that triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin to fill the microscopic wound.  This treatment has no major side effects and beautiful results are noticeable in a short period of time.


  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, minimize pore size and induce skin tightening.  The loss of elastin and collagen cause thinning, sagging skin and facial wrinkles.  Micro-needling stimulates the production of natural elastin and collagen that improves wrinkles and fine lines with little-to-no downtime.
  • Improves surgical, burn and acne, ice pick scars.  This treatment is proven to diminish the look of surgery and acne scars.  Microneedling breaks down old tissue and triggers the production of new elastin and collagen for healthier looking skin.
  • Prevents signs of aging by stimulating collagen production to promote rejuvenation.  Microneedling effectively and powerfully stops the early signs of aging as well as preventing new wrinkles and fine lines from occuring.  When combined with consistent use of corrective antioxidant serums, oils and creams, this treatment helps in brightening the skin that results in a youthful glow.
  • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun spots and melasma.  As thousands of micro channels are created to induce collagen and elastin growth, this treatment helps to increase the speed of the turnover of cells to improve the evenness and brightness of the skin, thus minimizing/removing the appearance of dark spots.

What to Expect After a Microneedling Treatment

Before the treatment, a topical anaesthetic cream is used so if there be any discomfort, it is minimal.  Redness and swelling or bruising that may occur post treatment will only last 24-48 hours and then skin returns back to normal.  Sunscreen is a must and sun avoidance is strongly recommended.  

The best visible results are seen with a series of at least 4-12 treatment, spaced 3-6 weeks apart.  There is a continuous and progressive improvement overtime in overall skin smoothness and firmness and elasticity.  The complexion becomes more even and brighter over time and if combined with an effective routine with certified organic products like serums, oils, creams and masks prescribed by the Specialist.

Final results won’t be noticeable until 3-12 months as boosting collagen and elastin within the dermis layer of the skin takes time.  Remodeling the skin and complete rejuvenation takes that amount of time and results are dependent on the commitment level of the individual.  If you want to see optimal results, then your commitment level must be high.

This treatment can be done on all skin colours and skin types, however, it should be avoided if the client has an active infection on the skin such as herpes and other skin viruses like molluscum contagiosum and impetigo, active inflamed acne or rosacea, pustular rosacea, broken skin, broken capillaries, hypersensitive skin, acute eczema, sunburnt skin or infected wounds.

First, book a Skin Health Consultation to determine how many treatments will be needed to achieve optimal results.  Also, the skin can not be cleaned or steamed or be congested so if a cleaning is needed, then that would also need to happen before the initial treatment begins.  At the Consultation, a full routine will be recommended along with what products will be best to compliment this treatment series. 

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