Beauty Through the Ages

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Beauty Through the Ages - Mom

Connective tissue, primarily protein fibres called collagen and elastin which is located in the dermal (second) layer of the skin, plays an important role in how fast we age.

Elastin provides elasticity to the skin; the quality of stretch and the ability to return to its natural shape and form while collagen gives the skin its tone and strength.  By not eating the right foods, drinking enough water or exercising damage will begin to happen throughout the body affecting the skin and causing it to sag and lose its natural elasticity.  Wrinkles are now visible as the collagen fibres start to become twisted and matted.

The good news is we can slow down the effects of ageing and repair any damage that already has been done.  With an effective routine at home and regular facial treatments your skin will remain its youthfulness longer.

Here is how the skin ages throughout the years:

Beauty Through the Ages

AGE 20 ~ The skin is void of wrinkles and renews every 30 days.

AGE 25 ~ Collagen begins breaking down and first wrinkles appear on the forehead and under the eyes. Laugh lines show up.

Beauty Through the Ages

AGE 30 ~ Collagen drops 1% every year.  Crow’s feet appear at the corner of the eyes.

Beauty Through the Ages

AGE 40 ~ Skin renewal is now 45 days instead of 30 days.  Estrogen begins to decline which means less moisture.  Permanent wrinkles appear from ears to neck.

AGE 45 ~ Eyes become more sunken, double chin may appear, lips become thinner and eyebrows more bushy.  Estrogen is stored in fat so less fat content on the body means wrinkles sooner.

Beauty Through the Ages

AGE 50 ~ 30% of collagen is lost within the first 5 years after menopause.  Wrinkles appear around the nose, earlobes and chin.  Skin becomes more noticeably dry.  

AGE 55 ~ Folds form at nape of neck and hyperpigmentation or skin discolouration appears on areas exposed to sunlight.  

Beauty Through the Ages

AGE 60 ~ Wrinkles around mouth deepen and cheeks begin to sag.

AGE 70 ~ Wrinkles begin to overlap, hair becomes thinner and pigmentation becomes quite evident.

Don’t be too discouraged, aging of the skin can be slowed down and even reversed to a certain extent.  Yes, miracles do happen!  Contact me for a treatment plan to help you remain youthful through the ages.

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